Adaptation Art of Jack Kirby's Chamber of Brahma - by Chris Burnham
Adaptation Art of Jack Kirby’s Chamber of Brahma – by Chris Burnham;  Dave McCaig Colorist


    In the Days of Darkness Man’s Only Ray of Hope is the Lord of Light!

The #1 Hugo Award winning Fantasy Novel with the prestige and power of Dune — at 1/2 the Price

        • Multi-Racial & Multi–Cultural
        • Diversity Celebrating Production – Nation and International
        • Powerful & Complicated Female Roles & Characters
        • Political and Cultural Power Struggles – Reflective of our modern World
        • Relevant, Timely, Pure Gravitas, Meaningful and Dramatic
        • Greatest Cosmic Conflagration Ever in History
        • The Gods of Heaven at War and in Love

Gale Anne Hurd: “It is one of my favorites, going back to the early 1970s when I first read it. The world of the book is even more relevant now than it was then, with political factions,  world religions, plutocracy and oligarchies fighting for dominance. Sam is a fantastic character, and the book filled with so many other compelling characters, too, not to mention one who is transgender, long before there was a word for it.” — Gale Anne Hurd, Creator of Terminator, Abyss, Hulk (film), and Walking Dead TV — truly one of the greatest SF/Fantasy producers in the world.

Alas, in 2016 even with Gale getting Universal Pictures to Option the FILM and TV Rights to the Novel, Newbauer’s MTP and I were co-exec producing. Gale’s Valhala Entertainment developed a 5 year series General Adaptation. The writer of Dr Strange was on board in the beginning. Final TV show was written and being produced no less by the prodigious writer of original Thor & X-Men Apocalypse films,  Ashley E. Miller. In the summer of 2018 after two years of development Universal decided not to do the final purchase, even with all the talent aboard.

I believe the reasons were many, but I do not believe the absolute BREADTH and GRANDEUR of the novel has yet been recognized on the World Stage today; the least being that many hit shows, like Game of Thrones and American Gods, were all inspired by Roger Zelazny’s expansive and culturally powerful novel, 1967 Hugo Award Winner Lord of Light. What this also means is the Greatness of the Novel is yet to be fully realized in TV/Film.  The End? No, another Beginning. Is this the deal you are looking for? Is the World of the story grand enough for you?

It’s DUNE — but at 1/2 the Price!


Lord of Light is…..

A “metaphysical” action adventure love story where the crew of a space ship colonize an ancient planet, their passengers become the populace, and they use their technology of technical immortality to turn themselves into powerful gods and goddesses. One man stands alone to fight his old love, now a powerful Goddess, and the rest colleagues and free mankind. The planet is called Earth….

George R.R. Martin has credited Lord of Light as the inspiration for his Game of Thrones. Neal Gaimon similarly cites Lord of Light for his American Gods. Lord of Light was first published in 1967.

Far into the future. Long after the Destruction of their home planet Urath…

On an earth-like planet, what remains of humankind’s descendants are now subjugated by the First Colonists, the crew of the starship that brought them to their new home 1000 years before. They have taken control of ancient technologies and enhanced themselves with godlike psychic powers and virtual immortality. Adopting the panoply of the venerable Hindu religion – they live lives as its Gods, surrounded by super-electronic weaponry within the trappings of a primitive civilization. A story of the classic drama of power, love, honor, pride, and fantasy – erupting in an epic war of the Gods — and ultimate transcendence.

Our hero Sam, unready to battle the tyrannical forces of the Celestial City allied with his former wife, now the rapturous Kali: Goddess of Destruction. With her is her new love Yama, The Red Lord of Death. Behind them stands Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, and the vast Pantheon of gods and demigods of the City of Heaven who doles out “Karma” to maintain their worldwide control.. . . .


Illustration by Jacob Atienza


Here’s two synopsis


On a colony planet in which reincarnation has become retail, a brilliant hermit Prince finds himself at the helm of a revolution when he returns to society to obtain a new, younger body and discovers his former colleagues have used the same technology to fashion themselves as gods while keeping society in the dark ages


LORD OF LIGHT is an action adventure love story of mythic proportions. It is a film about a future world after the destruction of Earth, of a people who, through ultra-technology give themselves super-powers and technical immortality. It is about all the forces which clash when the gods set themselves up as Gods, to rule mankind’s descendants. An action adventure love story where the crew of a space ship colonize an ancient planet, their passengers become the populace, and they use their technology to turn themselves into powerful gods and goddesses. One man stands alone to fight his old colleagues and free mankind. The planet is called Earth….


The Novel itself starts after the great battle where Sam is killed and being brought back to life. Tending to him is Yama, the God of Death, once his mortal enemy and romantic rival, now tries to muster up enough “Kilowatts of Prayer”  to bring Sam back to life to battle his old lover Kali and the Gods of Heaven. That said, one is now ready to read the book, which fascinatingly starts towards the end of the full arc’s 2nd act.

Even after hundreds of years together her love for him, and his for her, is only matched by her own pride and hunger for power; Sam’s final rejection of Kali personally as well as her offers to him of co-rulership sets the stage for a worldwide battle of hero­ic proportions.

At first, Sam takes a Machiavellian approach to it all, doing whatever he deems necessary to achieve his goals. Though he spends years as the Buddha to undermine the stranglehold of his old colleagues, he doesn’t believe a word of his own teaching; he is still willing to murder Brahma and Shiva in the city of Heaven (which he does). Though he and Kali love each other still, they are both willing to fight to the death and he goes to battle against the gods anyway. The unexpected occurs when many people actually follow the old teachings from their home planet Urth, which unwittingly forces Sam to really become the Teacher he pretends to be.

Between being captured, made love to, and finally killed by Kali — then resurrected by the Red Lord of Death Yama (Kali’s new but now ex-husband), Sam travels to the bowels of the Earth to revive the planet’s original “demon” inhabitants and wages battles against Heaven which slowly whittle away its planetary influence and leads up to an all-consuming battle of Gods, Demi-gods, Demons, indigenous Creatures, and Men.

While Sam evolves as a hero through the story, we see that all the characters have become larger than life — but are still very human. It is one of the main strengths of this story that we have a large set of fully realized characters, but each with their own motivations and desires, and whose interactions form a complex weave of dramatic and emotional intermixing, giving the story its unique dramatic structure, enigmatic power, energy, angst and final resolution, as they play out the mythic Wars of the Gods for the future of Earth.



Outside of its place in sci-fi/fantasy literature, a previously planned adaptation played a key role in the “Canadian Caper” known to most as the rescue operation featured in the film ‘Argo’. (Read more about Lord of Light and its fascinating connection to the CIA and to the real ARGO mission elsewhere on the Lord of Light website)   Indeed it was the Lord of Light script and production Designs which were stolen by the CIA and used to free 6 hostages from certain death.   The fictional movie being worked on in that film was an actual adaptation of a real film Lord of Light, and Marvel Universe architect Jack Kirby and Barry Ira Geller did the design work which made the Iranians believe the CIA was doing a real film.

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