News Flash: The Ben Afleck ARGO Mythology debunked –Again

There was never a “pile of unproduced scripts” on John Chamber’s desk to “pull out the ARGO-Lord of Light Screenplay.” John was working with the Lord of Light Company since July 1978.

From Wikipedia: [The film depicts Mendez discovering the script with the title of Argo. In reality the script was titled Lord of Light, based on the book of the same name by Roger Zelazny. The CIA changed the title to Argo.[3][54]]

Yes it is astonishing! Strange as it may seem to perhaps a few, the Academy Award® winning John Chambers, whose makeup mastery changed our culture with films like Adrian Messenger, Dr. Moreau, and Planet of the Apes. By early July 1978 John Chambers had signed on with Barry Ira Geller Productions to do the Roger Zelazny feature film Lord of Light. History should also know the real CIA-ARGO “Canadian Caper” was largely his idea. Add up the facts! So Even at this late date, the ‘plot thickens.’

Recap: Towards the end of July 1978 my production company began developing the theme park, Science Fiction Land®, based upon and as evidenced by the first Jack Kirby Drawing July 28, 1978 called The Terminal of the Gods, which was the opening building to the planned immense theme park within. In Mid-1979 John Chambers was interviewed and announced the Lord of Light film and Theme Park could be his greatest accomplishment, as well as working with the great Jack Kirby. Right after our Press Event in Denver on November 28, 1979 financial & political problems developed which sadly put the project in pause mode from which it did not recover.

A month earlier John Chambers had flown to Washington to advise on a growing National threat: 6 Americans were trapped in Iran. John had been advising the CIA for years! The State Department had nixed an earlier caper idea but now, John in his genius brought my Lord of Light script and Kirby production designs back to Washington, sold the State Department, and President Carter approved it ~ to create the real “ARGO” caper! How cool is that!!

Think for a tiny moment, the Iranians admitted (Zaman, on our site) it was our Production Drawings which made them believe the CIA was a real Film Production — hence it is my deep pleasure and honor to share with all the Men of Science Fiction Land the success of the real mission and safe return of the Six.

This relatively new information should therefor put at ease various Directors, Screenwriters, Magazine Publishers, Newspaper and Magazine Reporters & Columnists, even perhaps Jack Kirby Biographers. Just follow the bouncing ball while (in Bravo’s “Little Grey Men”) the brilliant CIA Master Spy Tony Mendez proudly holds up various Kirby production art designed by Jack and myself from my script, and proclaims to the world:



First Major BIGP Lord of Light promotional booklet

Anything about the above you do not understand? Please don’t make up History, even though it may give you personal power, or you have a deadline. All it takes is a simple query and I will do my best to provide you or your publisher or even your assistant with the very best Direct Knowledge in the most expedient fashion. I am the only living survivor, i.e., no one else alive today was there — unless Jack Kirby or myself didn’t see you. Were you there? Are you sincerely and responsibly interested in the telling Truth? Please. Anything less detracts from the Greatness of Jack’s and my accomplishments. The future generation depends upon you. Please get your story straight. Thank you.

Sir John Graham, the then-British ambassador to Iran, said:

“My immediate reaction on hearing about this was one of outrage. I have since simmered down, but am still very distressed that the film-makers should have got it so wrong. My concern is that the inaccurate account should not enter the mythology of the events in Tehran in November 1979.”[44]




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