Terminal of the Gods Color 2020 ~ 24″ x 36″ Signed


Terminal of the Gods – Signed by Barry Ira Geller. If you want Mike Royer to sign too, he requires a small donation to Cancer research. Additionally, there will be additional postage for him to send it to you. Let me know by email when you purchase.

I discovered there was a “Hidden Visual Language” inherent in all of Jack’s drawings, further enhanced by Mike’s Inks. With awe I further developed a method for both Color and the deep black of his drawings to merge together, without one overpowering the other but still giving Seniority to Jack’s lines — ending up giving both works a phenomenal integration resulting in, for me, a feeling of being alive. Likewise I was able to distill the essential pigment pixels of Annie’s work which found itself a consuming & practical color collaboration with her natural creativity!

The Terminal of the Gods ~ The Central complex of all transportation to and from Heaven . Home of the Garuda Bird. Disembarkation point of the Jet Tube Transporter for Science Fiction Land®. International Heliport. The first Lord of Light drawing. Jack just finished the Eternals and you can see the Mayan influences. And yes, the chief drawing responsible for the Iranian’s belief that the CIA was a real film company. Their impression, according one of the Sons of the Revolutionaries who interviewed me in 2013, was the Terminal of the Gods served to mean the “Leaving of the Shah and the Return of their ancient Religion.”

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Conception / Production Design / Color Design: Barry Ira Geller
Also available in 13″ x 19″ for $50
Wally Anne Wharton:

When Barry Ira Geller hired Jack Kirby to co-design with him the “Lord of Light” project and “Science Fiction Land ®” he gave Kirby a couple of  books on Asian art and architecture so he could familiarize himself with certain Hindu motifs. Years later when Geller hired me to colorize a portion of Kirby’s incredible LOL/SFL output, Barry handed me two very extensive hardbacks on comic book art so I could familiarize myself with the fantastic output of Jack Kirby.

After studying the black and white print version of the Kirby / Barry Lord of Light “Terminal of the Gods” (originally created in 1978 for Barry Ira Geller’s Science Fiction Land ®) I knew whatever colors I chose had to reflect the working purpose of the Terminal of the Gods itself. A terminal is essentially a hub for travel,  a place where passengers come and go and a place where travel techs facilitate the process of coming and going. (The Iranians in 1979 saw this piece as the leaving of the Shah and the Return of their Ancient Religion – the Real ARGO story.)
Various forms of aircraft buzz around the terminal’s heights and a strange, dragon-headed form of land transport is shuttling people around the terminal’s perimeter. The yawning dome-like piece was Jack’s representation of the Buckminster Fuller Dome, 1/2 mile high and 2/3 mile long, over the length of the Theme Park. According to Bucky Fuller, just a few degrees warmer on the inside would make the Dome float!
Four HUGE gods (three of which are visible) “hold up” the terminal at each corner, scrutinizing everything and everyone. Smaller (but still much larger than human) gods occupy every quadrant of the terminal on both of its open-air floors and a row of six different god heads line the top of the most exposed side of the terminal. They are ALL observing the travel process– the end of a journey for some and the beginning of a journey for others.  There are four levels of activity.

I chose a medium-light green for both the raised platform floor of the Terminal and for its outer structure deliberately because in the event of a war time emergency, the Terminal might need to collapse into itself and camouflauge itself in order to look like nothing more than a peaceful green lawn (The Lockheed Aircraft plant in Burbank California camouflaged itself just that way). Although we didn’t expect that to happen in Science Fiction Land, who knows?

Because the huge god on the left sports amphibian scales I colored his body with aquatic blues and green and his wearable equipment in bright oranges and reds, for contrast.

The center god is wears dark reds and purples with a few accents of cobalt blue that offset his vast amount of gold armor, protective gear and defense weaponry.
The god on the right of this print—named by Barry as “Goraan”— has been masterfully designed & produced by Dan Willett with artist modeler Goran Sadojevich of Unbox Industries, Inc., Hong Kong. It is a forthcoming Model which includes further Inking on the 3D Model by Mike Royer, who inked the original in 1978 for Jack Kirby!
I like to think that the three visible gods represent the various branches of the military:  Navy (left), Air Force (center) and the Army (right.)
The two aircraft flying at the top of the print are depicted in silver tones with red accents for easy visibility by other aircraft.
Recessed lights within the terminal are depicted in pink because it is a warm, unobstrusive tone that would be easy on the eyes of weary travelers.
And for the dragon-headed bus, I chose a deep green to offset the glowing yellow headlights. Flaming yellow sides and bright orange accents are designed to wake up waiting passengers to let them know their shuttle has ARRIVED.
Humans are depicted in basic black with a few white accents to depict the fact that brilliant colors and lights are bouncing off of them from EVERYWHERE.
Cosmic Colorist: Wally Anne Wharton
Photoshop Mastery: Devin Mara

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Dimensions 38 × 6 × 6 in

240 gr Tribute Satin Poster

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