Barry @2914 Comic Con
AAA Artist Special Today ~Sunday July 25 4 PM ~Still UP!

“Jack Kirby: Architect of Science Fiction Land” I want to invite you all to my panel about Jack Kirby’s crowning achievement after he conquered Comics — his private work as an architect in 1978-79. Here you will meet my creative […]

Jack Kirby Store

Sneak Peak! New Original Colors! Lord of Light Prints & Models Available Now

Sneak Peak, anyone (did you miss it) ? Our first Variant supply of “Blue Sparkle” Guaraan SOLD OUT in a day. Coming soon to a shopping cart near you!  Click!  Sign up too.                                                                            […]

Artists of Lord of Light Media

Wally Anne Marie Wharton

The creator, painter, and international collector of a few thousand dolls and paper-dolls for the past 35 years, Wally Anne also specializes in City Hall caricatures, and numerous private commissions, Anne is the Contributing Designer, […]