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“Jack Kirby: Architect of Science Fiction Land”Barry @2914 Comic Con

I want to invite you all to my panel about Jack Kirby’s crowning achievement after he conquered Comics — his private work as an architect in 1978-79. Here you will meet my creative team.

SD Comic Con’s Official Closing Panel:

SDCC @Home 2021  Sunday 4:00 PM July 25, 2021

“Jack Kirby: Architect of Science Fiction Land”
SDCC @Home 2021 Sunday July 25, 4pm

Barry Ira Geller (Jack Kirby Co-Designer, Science Fiction Land, Lord of Light), brings together an intense team of creative professionals to explore the secret visual language inherent within all the architectural work created by Jack Kirby in 1978. “He’d already conquered Comics and I called Jack up to draw Giant Buildings and Statues. Also to change the World.

Jack’s endless perspective-defying , internalized 3-D architecture is mapped by colorist Wally Anne Wharton, who discusses her coloring processes;

Gold Key Comics writer and Disney Pooh master Mike Royer, Jack’s favorite inker;

David Coons, developer of Disney’s direct scanning system which influenced all Animation in the world (like Lion King) and earned him an Oscar;

Tom Kraft, digital reconstructionist of the Lord of Light negatives and President of the Jack Kirby Museum; and

Brian Chidester, art historian, author, and documentarian currently completing “The Enchanted Life of Eden Ahbez” for HBO.

The panel discusses the experience of harvesting their amazement in the form of consistently floating 100 feet above buildings and walkways, statues and ever-evolving powers coming from discovering the smallest underground people-filled passages – while being simultaneusly transported a hundred feet in the air, looking Up, Looking Down – all inherently intensifying these architectural rendered drawing which the new colors have brought out. As creator of Science Fiction Land, Geller worked with Jack Kirby, Architect; Paolo Soleri, Architect, Don E. Broadbent of Westech Inc, 1979 Time Life Books cited Holographer; Ray Bradbuy and Buckminster Fuller as Futurist consultants.

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