Creating The First Super Model of Jack Kirby’s Terminal of the Gods

I was first approached by the artist Skinner who introduced me to Unbox Industries. So inspired by their amazing catalog of  phenomenal models and toys,  and their plans for Lord of Light/ Science Fiction Land Models, I had the brilliant idea to bring in the celebrated Mike Royer who then created New Inking over the proposed 3D model — everyone fell to the floor: History in the making, Unbox said!   Then they did    !!! 200 MASKS ON EACH MODEL !!!

Barry Ira Geller Productions in Association with Unbox Industries Presents:” “A Mike Royer Inking of a Dan Willet & Barry Ira Geller Vision of a 1978 Lord of Light Drawing by Jack Kirby” “Designed by Jack Kirby and Barry Ira Geller”  “Directed by Dan Willet” “Production Design and 3D Cinematography by Goran Sadojevich

Guaraan, the Blue God at the right corner of Terminal of the Gods. Drawn by Jack Kirby in 1978 as the Entrance to the Science Fiction Land (R) & containing MagLev trains to the Airport; Helicopters, and the semblance of the Buckminster Fuller Dome which covered the entire Theme Park. According to the Iranians it was the drawing which made them believe the CIA’s “ARGO” film plot was real. Unbeknownst to them, actually represented the Leaving of the Shah and the Return of their religion. (Terminal of the Gods, colored by Wally Anne Wharton).

Guaraan, named by me to honor the incredible artist Goran Sadojevich, from Unbox Industries Galactic Ltd, who created the very 1st 3D clay sculpts then the 3D-Images of the model. Unbox then sent me high resolution graphics of Goran’s models which I then had printed on Mike Royer’s favorite Strathmore Drawing paper, with the help of a very high-end printing press. My Printer pointed out a lighter background would result in finer definition for inking the final, so a new 3D Image was made. Ahhhhh!  Then I sent 2 copies to Mike (one as a backup) for him to Ink to his amazing creative heart’s content. Whew!!


Compare the beginnings!


Guaraan, by Unbox Industries – “Blue Speckles” variant is now SOLD OUT. We will notify everyone who signs up for our newsletter when a new Edition and new variants will be coming in!

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