Wally Anne Wharton – Lord of Light Designer & Colorist

The creator, painter, and collector of 1000’s of dolls, paper-dolls,  caricatures, and many commissions, Anne is the Painter and Design Consultant for the Kali Model. She is also the Colorist of the Lord of Light Pins and three of the Exciting new color versions of the Undiscovered Artwork of Jack Kirby: Architect

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“Kali makes me feel like Destruction is sexy.” — Matilda Somerfield, Graphic Artist & Egyptian Priestess.


by Wally Anne Marie Wharton

When given the opportunity to paint the 3D model of Kali, I tried hard not to think of just what a daunting responsibility it actually was—plus, I’d never handled and air-brush or painted a 3D model in all my born days!!  Kali’s complex, larger-than-life character had been beautifully depicted by artist & art director Jacob Atenzia and I wanted my work to showcase his intricate design work as well as this character’s sensuality and strength.
While viewing various prototypes for today’s most popular fantasy and sci-fi characters, I was struck by the fact that much of the detail in these many models seemed to be totally lost without the aid of both an independent light source directed at the figure, as well as some sort of reflective backdrop that also served to illuminate the displayed character. I have christened this repetitively-dark choice phenomenon “Game of Throne-ism,” obviously named after the successful TV series set in bleak, pre-Medieval surroundings. This effect may be very effective for that particular show, but I also believe it has cast a dreary pall on much of today’s production when it comes to artistic renderings and statuary.

This is one reason why I chose a much brighter color scheme for Kali, eschewing the usual blacks and gun-metal grays that are currently being over-used to the point of predictability.
The other reason I chose a brighter color scheme for Kali is because of the work’s title: “Lord of Light.” Her golden armor is also an <<homage>> to Hindu mythology and their love of the ornate.
My job is to convey this character’s multi-layered complexity and her many modes of operation thru visual impact.  And I’ve tried to accomplish this via a brighter spectrum of color with the emphasis on warm, regal tones.

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