Collectible Jack Kirby-Lord of Light Enamel Pins

© 2019 Barry Ira Geller Productions; Science Fiction Land® Designed by Barry Ira Geller & Jack Kirby 1978. Prodigiously Drawn by Jack Kirby and Perfectly Inked by Mike Royer 1978. Colors by Wally Anne Marie Wharton. Pin Series created and developed by Barry Ira Geller.

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At $15 Plus U.S. Shipping and Handling (normally $10.00 per Pin) purchasing a full set allows you to buy 4 (!!) pins for the price of 2. Save on shipping ~ and purchase a full set! Best Deal in town! One Shipping charge for all 4 Pins! Comes with its own GOLD box and a few other goodies!

You will also find Exclusive Royer/Geller Signed numbered Editions

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