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The Undiscovered Art of Jack Kirby: Architect


As I further develop colors for the Lord of Light Concept art I designed with Jack Kirby in 1977, I have found there to be utterly masterful perspective work, greater than any of the comics he is so famous for. In fact, these works have been acknowledged to be his greatest work of all. So says Tom Kraft and Mike Royer. I discovered a secret visual language inherent in these drawings found nowhere else. This language juts out of the page and greets us, with the new colors coming to the artwork after all these years: That of Jack Kirby being an unexpected master Architect, for all time.

When I first started working with Jack Kirby for the first time in early 1978, I handed him a dozen or so set descriptions from my screenplay and we sat down at his drawing studio to discuss how to turn the descriptions into giant statues and buildings for the theme park I wanted to do called Science Fiction Land. And would be used to promote and finance a feature film called Lord of Light…..

I will be showing all the drawings and those which are newly colored & focusing in on my discovered methods of keeping Jack’s lines totally intact but totally integrated with the sensational new colors I helped to develop with Wally Anne Wharton’s amazing vision. Tom will give many examples of the same integration in various comic art — focusing however on the incredible Perspective which shows whole new worlds when put under a new microscope. Mike will discuss how similar Inking methods were done in the 1930s’ supporting my new methods. This indeed shows why Paolo Soleri of Ecology fame, Ray Bradbury, and Buckminster Fuller were intensely intrigued by the Science Fiction Land Theme Park — because Jack Kirby’s Architectural drawings had captured their imagination!

See This Artwork, for example:


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