Comic-Con 2018 Panel -Jack Kirby’s Consciousness Part 2: How Jack Kirby, The CIA, Barry Ira Geller, and Mike Royer saved the world

Jack Kirby’s Consciousness Part 2: How Jack Kirby, The CIA, Barry Ira Geller, and Mike Royer saved the world”

Date: July 19, 2018
Time: 10:00-11:00am
Location: Room: 23ABC

Barry Ira Geller and Mike Royer discuss the creation of Jack’s greatest Architectural drawings for the film, Lord of Light and theme park Science Fiction Land – and behind the scenes revelations of the Drawings the CIA used in the real ARGO. Moderated by Author and Kirby friend, J. David Spurlock.

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I’m Giving a Great Jack Kirby Panel at Comic Con this month!

Jack Kirby’s Consciousness Part 2: How Jack Kirby, The CIA, Barry Ira Geller, and Mike Royer saved the world”

“Jack Kirby just didn’t write about Gods, he had “God- consciousness.“ He may not have known he had that, he didn’t necessarily know that was what his Perceptions of Life was called; he just totally operated from that awareness.  The Mysteries of Kaballah, from Jack’s religion, tells us about Four Worlds:  The World of Architypes; The World of Ideas; The World of Formation; and the World of Action, i.e. the physical plane we all exist on. Jack Kirby lived in ALL these worlds simultaneously and that is why his life’s work has been so pervasive to our Life, so unifying of the world all of us live in today. I worked closely with Jack for almost two years, delving into the inner accesses of his pure Creativity. No assistant, publisher, or modern editor of his works ever understood that – How could they? They are and will always be: mere ego-driven librarians! We are talking about the Tree of Life.


“While the Superman and Batman franchises started almost 40 years ago, the past 10 years and foreseeably the next 20 …whole new worlds filled with gods and super-heroes, blustering new worlds of far flung fury, mind-warping worlds of forces of Light and Darkness, where audience-driven creations of Good and Evil merge in merciless battles of Awe and Wonder.


“One man, and one man alone is responsible for it all: Jack Kirby. After creating the Romance genre of comics in the 1940s then the most popular super-hero besides Superman, to the 1st cover of Spiderman, to the re-creation of Captain America, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Thor, Black Panther, New Gods ~ and THEN he created the drawings for the True-Life CIA Mission of ARGO with co-designer Barry Ira Geller, Jack Kirby was the visionary creative center of it all. It just took 40 years for most us to awaken to the ‘Kirby Consciousness’ which now connects us in and around the whole world.”


“At the 2017 San Diego Comic Con it was announced that Universal Cable Productions and Gale Anne Hurd’s Valhalla Productions (Terminator Series, Incredible Hulk, TV’s Walking Dead), have optioned Roger Zelazny’s Hugo-Award winning novel Lord of Light as a 4-5 year TV series, from Barry Ira Geller Productions. “ In SDCC 2018 we will hear the final announcements of the new TV Series – and a host of related Jack Kirby / CIA / Geller / Royer merchandising events – even a possible CIA Spy re-enactment.

“Barry Ira Geller is the only person alive who worked hand upon hand with Jack Kirby co-designing illustrations for a theatrical film project, over a span of 2 years. Known as the Kirby/Geller Lord of Light Drawings, they were originally made for the film based upon Geller’s screenplay of Roger Zelazny’s novel, Lord of Light. The drawings were the only architectural renderings created by Jack and were the basis for the plans of a Disneyland type Theme Park, known as Science Fiction Land, to be built in Colorado. They were inked by Mike Royer, Jack Kirby’s favorite inker, who believes they are Jack’svery  best work.  Most people though know them as the drawings used by the CIA in the 1979 Iranian crisis to save six Americans’ lives in the actual secret mission called…. ARGO.

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