2017 Barry Ira Geller & Mike Royer give Jack Kirby panel at SD Comic Con

Finally, the fascinating truth about the real CIA Argo mission! Hear how Jack Kirby and Barry Ira Geller’s script and production designs for Lord of Light made the actual Argo mission successful, as recently testified to by the “Sons of the Iranian Revolution.” The Kirby/Geller work, though not mentioned in the Oscar-winning film, rests in the International Spy Museum forever. <Ha!>

Discover the unbelievable awareness and consciousness of Jack Kirby as remembered by Barry Ira Geller, one of the last people to have creatively partnered with Jack. “Kirby was the Rembrandt of comic art, the Einstein of superhero visions, and the creator of the modern romance genre” says Geller. Hear Mike Royer, arguably the best Silver Age inker — certainly Jack Kirby’s favorite — give the real story behind the inking of these fantastic series!


Jillian Kirby


Thursday July 20, 2017 10:00am – 11:00am
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