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About the project

Jack Kirby is famous for having created or co-created some of the most well-known and beloved superheroes in the history of comic-books, such as the Avengers, Captain America, the X-Men, Hulk, the Fantastic Four,or the New Gods. His drawing style and storytelling techniqueshad such influence over the superhero genre that he was even dubbed the King of Comics by his peers.Even today, the greatest artists and writers in the comics industry often quote his work as influential in their own. Many decades after the publication of his latest comics, most comicsfans still consider Jack Kirby’s work as a cornerstone in the history of comics.August 2017 will be the centenary of Mr. Kirby’s birth and we, at Komics Initiative, have seen this as an opportunity to assemble fans from all around the world, professionals and amateurs, and to ask them to show and tell how Jack Kirby impacted them and their works

Kirby & Me will be 300-pages long and will feature over 150 participants among which professionals, specialists, and other fanatics from all around the world.

Tributes will come in various forms: never-seen-before artworks, original testimonies and interviews,as well as some comics specially done for the occasion and many other surprises. All of this compiled within a carefully-crafted collection, in art book format with texts both in English and French.


Kirby&Me has been designed to be an ambitious, generous, and radiant tribute to the memory of Jack Kirby. In the spirit of Jack Kirby as a symbol for artists throughout the world, all proceeds from this campaign will go to a non-profit organization: Hero Initiative. For years, now, Hero Initiative has been helping artists in need and we feel the man we’re paying tribute to would have agreed with this.

What are the funds for?

This campaign will support an honest yet ambitious project which main appeal is that it’s being done by fans, for the fans, to celebrate the man without whom comics wouldn’t be what they are today.The collected funds will serve to pay a professional design artist, the book’s printing, the various other rewards and, of course, the postage of all the rewards to the backers.From the start, we wanted this book to be the ideal media through which artists could pay tribute to Jack Kirby. That’s why we’ve opted for an artbook-like format (25cm wide and 31cm high). The book will be hard bound with an original illustration specially made for the occasion and this single edition will have all of the texts (interviews, commentaries, etc) in both English and French. The edition will be numbered, according to the number of backers.Even if you don’t take part in the campaign by funding it, you can help us by talking about it around you, on the Internet or on social media.

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Proceeds from this campaign will be directed towards an American non-profit called Hero Initiative.
This association is well-known by convention-goers as it is frequently either present or represented by famous authors and artists there. Hero Initiative’s goal is to help the workers in the comics industry, for example by helping them pay costly medical bills. As American artists tend to be freelancers, they seldom have an insurance plan (nor healthcare). Hero Initiative helps in such cases. Sometimes, the association’s help can be material (after an artist’s studio got damaged, theft, etc.)

About the project owner

Mickaël Géreaume and Alain Delaplace, reviewers over at PlaneteBD and Jack Kirby fans extraordinaire, have founded Komics Initiative, a French association dedicated to the promotion of comics and bandedessinee. They’ve been working for now two years over this project, hoping to offer Kirby fans around the world a noble and memorable celebration of their favourite artists.


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