2017 SD ComicFest: Barry Ira Geller & Mike Royer

Lord of Light, Zelazny, Geller, and Kirby and Royer

Full Panel Video at SD Comic Fest!

This year is the 50th anniversary of first publication of Roger Zelazny’s Hugo Award winning novel Lord of Light, a science-fiction tale based in a future, Hindu-Buddhist infused alien world. In the late 70s, Barry Ira Geller embarked on an ambitious project to adapt Lord of Light as both a major motion picture, for which he wrote the screenplay, and a futuristic theme park for which he worked with Jack Kirby to create amazing designs. Though his plans did not come to fruition at that time, the screenplay and Kirby designs were used in a successful plan to free Americans from Iran, as depicted in the Oscar-winning film Argo. More recently these Geller-Kirby designs were colored “blacklight” style for Heavy Metal Magazine and issued as a series of posters. Now at Comic Fest we can hear directly from Barry Ira Geller about his original efforts at adapting the novel, his work with Jack Kirby, and what’s next for Lord of Light. Barry will be joined by Mike Royer, who inked Kirby’s Lord of Light art. Barry Ira Geller, Mike Royer



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