Jacob Atienza: Digital Designer & Sculptor of SHIVA and KALI

Jacob Atienza is the Concept Artist, Illustrator, and Digital Sculptor for the SHIVA and KALI models for Barry Ira Geller Productions. He has been interested in the Lord of Light novel and its production ever since the book was randomly introduced to him 10 years ago, which he says satisfied his multiple cravings for mythology, science fiction, and philosophy  He found himself visually developing many aspects of the story for a personal project, whereupon he started corresponding with Barry Ira Geller soon after. I am happy to introduce his seminal work. He worked with Ms Wharton to fully “flesh out” the sensuality of the Goddess Kali’s design.
SHIVA 2010
2010 – A vision of KALI, Goddess of Death
KALI 2010


2012 SAM and RATRI, Goddess of Night.


December, 2016  – SHIVA Digital Sculpting


3D Print by Scott Andrews. SHIVA Model Airbrush Painting by Mike Reagan


3D Sculpt by Jacob Atienza
3D Printer by Scott Andrews


Final Kali, painted by Anne Marie “Wally” Wharton


Anne Marie Wharton’s Kali


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