The Hostel Of Hawkana

Licensed from the Lord of Light Company~ the entire super-rare series of unpublished Jack Kirby art work, originally commissioned for the film version of Roger Zelazny's LORD OF LIGHT and the 1000 acre Science Fiction Land theme park project in Reno, Toronto, Montreal and Colorado, from 1978 to 1980. Soon to be the subject of a feature film and major documentary.

The Lord of Light Art series was envisioned and designed by Barry Ira Geller and Jack Kirby, drawn with incendiary brilliance by Jack and inked with devastating intensity by Mike Royer. Each Kirby architectual masterpiece was created both as a film set design and theme park illustration. Each Art Print portrays the same kick-ass, roving birds-eye view style Jack was famous for, ranging from the power of Captain America and Fantastic Four, to the majesty of Thor and the New Gods. As depicted in Wired Magazine May 2007, this is one of the Lord Of Light prints CIA spies used to secretly free six American Hostages from Iran.

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Feel the true power and passion of work of Jack "King" Kirby.

The Hostel Of Hawkana
The 2013 First Limited Edition Prints are signed by Barry Ira Geller with one of Jack Kirby's draughting pencils, embossed by the Jack Kirby Museum, and numbered from #11 through 200.
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Size: (1) 24"x 20" prints.

The 2013 Limited Edition Lord of Light Kirby Art Prints are made from fully restored, high-resolution images and are printed on at full, 20"x24" size as Giclée prints on Epson Hot Press Natural, Smooth Fine Art Heavy Weight (16mm) paper. This paper is archival, acid-free, 100% cotton fiber paper with no optical brighteners. All are individually printed from **full size negatives** (20"x24") of the original signed artwork. All Limited Edition Lord of Light Kirby Art Prints come with reproductions of the Certificates of Authorization which Jack Kirby signed for Sothebys in 1993.


Jack Kirby: This was one of the last drawings of the Set and Jack and I had developed quite a working rapport by then. So I'd told him about what Hawkana's hostel was about as per the Lord of Light novel, with the idea of it being a "Taj Majal" structure. Where gods and rich princes languished during their stay amongst mortal men. My focus at the time, however, was what a structure like this would look like for Science Fiction Land, as, by then, I was trying to fit in hotels and other types of living quarters -- but directly on the site, as well as a full hotel/industrial complex some 10-25 miles away.

When Jack was done with this one he said to me, " I threw everything in but the kitchen sink!" What I took him to mean by this is all the different styles prevelant - Chinese and Tibetan Buddhist, Mayan, Norse, as well as Hindu themes. What do you think?

Lord of Light: Originally built during the days of the3 construction of Heaven, the Hostel of the Great Hawkana was established as a resting place for wearied, wealthy travelers which, in those early days of roaming, were usually the Gods, or the First, as they were originally called. The Hostel was a Taj-Majal like structurecomplete with lush, perfumed pools, garderns, musicians and its own harems, kept up through the ages by Hawkana the Great Inkeeper. Krishna himself was fabled to have stayed at Hawkana's for several months, where he nearly drank the kind Hawkan's cellar dry. It is also a favorite spot for Prince Siddhartha of Kapil (Sam) who stays here with his 70 retainers every 50 years or so when he comes to Mahartha to purchase a new body. This trip he is served rare pinot noir from "old Urath" and listens to a young boy who remembers how to play "The Blue Danube" on an ancient instrument called a"piano."

Science Fiction Land:
- Hovercraft
- Canals of Heaven
- Trams (far left)
- Shops by Canal front (right)
- Outdoor Restaurants (center)
- International Gourmet Restaurants (interior)
- Arcades & Shops (Building, lower center)
- Auditoriums / Shows (interior, Domes)
- Exterior Light Displays at night


Each print is hand numbered from 1 to 200. Numbers 1 through 10 are reserved for the Producers' and Kirby families. All are signed by the Producer (using one of Jack's original draughting pencils), and accompanied by a reproduction of the signed Providence Documentation by Jack Kirby. Each Providence Document is embossed with the original film company's corporate stamp, to insure value and unique quality.

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In Memory of Jack and Roz!

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